The harmful ultraviolet rays are more damaging than what we might think.
This is a problem we really need to deal with.
It has been proven than exposition to the UV rays can produce skin cancer.

There are many things you can do to protect your skin: wearing a hat while in the sun, use solar protection, do not expose yourself to the sun for long periods and so on.

However, the sun -in many cases, depending on the architecture of your home or office- affects us even when we are not aware of it. The UV rays enter through the windows, creating a continuous exposition to it, which might lead in skin health problem from us and our loved ones or worker, depending on the case.

The solution: install UV protection film in your windows

The solution for the latter is to install UV protection film in our windows. Whenever you are ready to tint your windows, ask the professional whom will do the job for an UV protection film.

This what the Skin Cancer Foundation has to say about it:

Indoor workers stationed near windows have significantly more wrinkled,
rough-textured, and sagging skin on the side of the face closer to the window.

Today, however, UV-screening residential and commercial film is available for
home and office. UV absorbers are added to clear or tinted polyester or vinyl to
create the film, which comes in varied tints, allowing 30-80 percent of visible
light to get through. The installers apply it on the interior glass surface of the
windows from flat sheets.

Window film will help prevent sunburn and skin cancer, as well as the brief
daily UV exposures that accelerate skin aging over time.

Chronic exposure to UVA rays through windows may
accelerate skin aging by 5 to 7 years.

More than 90 percent of skin cancers and the visible
signs of skin aging, are caused by the sun.

So, please take into account requesting an UV protection film when Tinting your windows. At Florida Window Tinting, we always use UV protection film in our project, and we are certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation.