Project Description


Gained privacy while saving Energy

In this project, the focus was double. The owners wanted to gain privacy at their home, but they wanted to reduce their Energy bill. After discussing their options, we decided for a dark tint for their windows, which resulted in a very nice project.

Please remember that even when it could be assumed than Tinting Windows is a simple matter of applying the film to it, there are a lot of factors to consider before embarking in a project. At Florida Window Tinting, our 20+ years of experience in the field have taught us how to approach every project in the better possible way. That is one of the reasons cause we are The Window Tinting Specialist.

The benefits of Window Tinting

Today, having Windows Tinted is not a matter of style. There are a lot of advantages involved when we take the decision of tinting a window. Among these advantages, we find:

  • We protect our health, and the health of our loved ones, because the Windows film reduce in more than 99% the entrance of the harmful UV rays

  • The glare and heath are controlled. Our films are proven to reduce glare by an 87%, allowing us to use a computer or even watch in front of the windows without glare

  • We add privacy and style to our home. Our films are created in a wide assortment of patterns, colors and frost, opening the way to create very stylish designs and making it not just to fullfil their function, but also providing privacy if that is what we need

  • The Windows film we use provide security to the family members or employes in the eventful case a window breaks, avoiding a shard of glass going everywhere and helping to protect our loved ones

  • The value of the property in which the Windows are Tinted will mantain -in some cases, raise- due to the protection against the ultraviolet rays will give a longer life to hardwood floors, carpets, fabrics and furniture in general

Reduce your Energy Bills

Florida window tinting: energy savings

The EPA Star Buildings Manual shows that Energy is being wasted by the effects of heat gain during the summer and heath loss during the winter. It has been shown than almost 33% of an average home energy bill comes by this problem.

What happens is that during the summer, when the windows are clear, the heath enters the houses, forcing to use more air conditioning. The opposite happens during the winter. The cold enters the house when there is not an appropriate way to keep the heat inside, forcing this time to use more heating.

This problem is solved by Tinting Windows, as the films used are prepared to deal with these phenomena.

In conclusion, after considering the options and hearing the customer needs is when the best film for the job is chosen, among the wide assortment of colors, patterns, textures and frosts. Rest asuured we will guide you in the right direction and together we will arrive to the best solution for your home.